We can provide other range of services related to windows, vinyl wraps and paint protection films such as:

Gtechniq Halo Film Coat ( keep your vinyl shiny and clean for longer )

Gtechniq Rain Water Repellent Windscreen ( Invisible Car Wiper )

Car Tail Lights Tint


Why use Gtechniq HALO Flexible Film Coating?

HALO enhances the performance of Paint Protection Film (PPF) and vinyl. It’s a chemically bonding, ultra-dense flexible film that becomes the permanent surface of the film – protecting it from the elements a car faces on a daily basis.

The density of the coating and its low surface energy improve dirt and water repellency of PPF or vinyl.  It also helps to prevent staining from dirt ingression, as well as reducing yellowing caused by UV rays.

Overall, HALO keeps the PPF looking in a much better condition and makes it much easier for people to keep their car clean following PPF/ vinyl application.

Rigorous real-world and laboratory testing has proven HALO to be compatible with all types of gloss, matte, and satin vinyl and PPF. It is also proven to work on self-healing films.

Why use Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass?
Unlike regular rain repellent coatings that adhere to the surface of the glass using relatively weak physical bonds, G1 uses a chemical bond which gives G1 unrivalled durability. 

G1 ClearVision Smart Glass is extremely durable, the hydrophobic function improves wet weather visibility helping to improve safety and eye strain. It also makes removing contaminants from the glass such as ice, bugs and tree sap much easier.

G1 will only work on glass substrates and so, it will not work on modern headlight lenses which are made from polycarbonate.  For these, you will need to use G5 Water Repellent for Glass and Perspex.


At Wrapster UK Ltd we offer you a unique tint which we apply to your headlights, fog lights and tail lights. It is also suitable to use on motorbike lights! We offer different shades of colours for you to choose from which are non-permanent which means they are easily removable in the future.

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