Vehicle Wrapping

Why To Wrap A Car?


For precise car body wrapping, we use verity of 0.05mm cast vinyl film. That gives us more accuracy and flexibility so the film can be shaped easily and effectively on a car without any joints to be seen. We are supplied with a top-quality film which is made by the best filmmakers on the market. Tonnes of experience in the heat during the application process guarantees that your car will be unique!

Pros of car wrapping.

1. If for whatever reason you think of a change of the colour of your car or it’s a pattern, you can wrap it up instead of changing it permanently by giving it a new and unique look. +100 to other drivers’ jealousy ​


2. Protection of the new paint against minor scratches and everyday use. This may have a huge impact on the selling process in terms of price and time. ​


3. We have a limitless spectrum of colours comparing to good old paint selection. Hundreds of interesting vinyl shades from renowned producers - 3M, Avery, Oracal, KPMF and more - to choose from. There are: matt, satin, metallic, pearly, as well as structural carbon, scratched aluminium or chrome. You are limited only by your imagination.

4. Cost of vehicle wrapping service is cheaper than painting a whole car and the process is reversible.

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